Become a Volunteer

As a volunteer organization Valley Restorative Justice is continually seeking volunteers to serve in various capacities - giving of their time, energy and skills to provide valuable and necessary support to those affected by youth crime.

Being a Volunteer

Valley Restorative Justice is looking for people with the following qualities:

As a volunteer with our organization, you can expect to receive extensive training which relates to our current programs. Additional information may be offered in the following areas: adolescent development, victim issues, substance abuse, the youth criminal justice act, Criminal Code of Canada, and diversity. You can expect to be provided with support and guidance in case supervision and you can expect to be evaluated on an on-going basis. Valley Restorative Justice will make available to you notices of workshops and seminars related to issues of interest to our work.

People volunteer for many different reasons. We ask only that you be committed to following through with our volunteer program for the sake of the clients we serve.


There are three major roles that volunteers may consider:

  1. To chair and co-chair a restorative justice process in an effort to facilitate the concerns of both the individual in conflict with the law and victim;
  2. To recruit non-profit organizations who will provide individuals in conflict with the law with the opportunity to do meaningful community service work. The volunteer will also monitor the work completion;
  3. To join the Board of Directors of the sponsoring body to assist with the development of other programs and oversee the administration of Valley Restorative Justice.

How do I become Involved?

If you would like to become involved in our programs, we would encourage you to make available an up-to-date copy of your resume and to download our volunteer application below. This application can be sent to our agency Director to discuss available opportunities. Applications for the Board of Directors may also be submitted via the same route. We also ask that a criminal record check be completed and submitted as well as a child abuse registry check prior to volunteering with us.




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