Our Mission

Valley Restorative Justice provides services that promote peace and healing within communities affected by incidents of criminal harm. This is achieved by supporting and encouraging people to resolve conflicts though restorative justice processes which are based on individual worth, accountability, reparation, and reintegration.

Agency Profile

Valley Restorative Justice is located in the Provincial Building on Exhibition Street in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Since November 30, 2017, Nova Scotia has been offering Restorative Justice to youth and adults in conflict with the law. We have been offering services to youth in conflict with the law, their victims and the community since 1986. Our agency currently employs five individuals with varying roles. These individuals achieve their goals by working with trained volunteers. The areas served by the agency include the counties of Kings, Annapolis, and the western half of Hants County.

Sponsorship and Funding

The Valley Restorative Justice Society receives funding from the Department of Justice, Province of Nova Scotia, and though private donations. The Society is administered locally by a Board of Directors representing the counties of Annapolis, Kings and West Hants.

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